The Tragic Tale of King Han: The Consequences of Ignored Counsel

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Wisdom Peak, there reigned a king known for his wisdom and prudence. This king, by the name of Han, dwelled in a magnificent palace nestled atop the tallest mountain in the realm. To reach his palace, one had to navigate a treacherous path that wound its way up the steep slopes. Accompanying King Han on his journey were his two trusted advisors: the elder sage, Master Li, and the younger scholar, Apprentice Zhou.

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Remote Work Problems Aren’t Related to Remote at All

No problems are specific to remote work. Every time someone claims “this is a problem with remote work”, it is wrong. All the problems you have in a remote work environment, you actually have them in an office environment too. ALL of them! There are two main reasons why people think some problems are specific to remote work environment : They confuse symptoms for problems; They are blind to the fact that the problem is present in the office environment too.

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Leadership Lessons from Parenting

Learning comes from all activities, and interacting with children actually teach you many great lessons applicable to leadership. Or is it the other way around? That’s a debate for another day. Whether you have kids or not, those lessons are relevant for anyone in a leadership position or looking for it. When you say you’ll do something, do it. Best way to gain trust, respect and credibility is to do what you’ve told you’ll do.

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