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I'm crafting software products & businesses... from the cold north.


Ramblings from a curious mind that got swallowed by the Grim Software Engineering Monster. Learning how to tame the beast ever since, I have a few scars and reached level 18.

Intel gathering from the interview process

The purpose of a job interview is two fold :

  1. Employer figures out if he wants you
  2. You figure out if you want to work with them

Many people forget about that 2nd point, but it is equally important. Now, to figure out if you want to work with them, you can ask questions. But you can also learn a lot from the interview process itself and how its conducted. You just have to pay attention to what is (not) said.

Leadership Lessons from Parenting

Learning comes from all activities, and interacting with children actually teach you many great lessons applicable to leadership. Or is it the other way around? That’s a debate for another day. Whether you have kids or not, those lessons are relevant for anyone in a leadership position or looking for it.

Beyond Fixed Sprint Duration

Everything starts for good reasons. When you start a new project, getting a cadence, a sense of progress, a way to see the journey done so far and what lies ahead provide benefits. But has you progress, it is time to revisit this cadence.

The Most Valuable and Underrated Books for Software Engineers

You want to become a better software engineer. You learn new tech stack, you do hackathon, you’ve read Code Complete twice and follow Kent Beck on Twitter. That’s all good. But focusing only on the technical side is a mistake.