Laurent Parenteau

Finding the Best Standup Setup for Your Team

Apr, 2019

The Problem

We were working on a critical project, with a huge emphasis put on delivering on time. I realized that the critical nature combined with the time bound constraint was causing some stress for the team. The team needed to be focus on the goals we had instead of worried about possible outcomes and other conjectures. I knew that if the stress wasn’t relieved, we wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Actions Takens

My first action was to discuss with the team about the …

Beyond Fixed Sprint Duration

Apr, 2019

Everything starts for good reasons. When you start a new project, getting a cadence, a sense of progress, a way to see the journey done so far and what lies ahead provide benefits. But has you progress, it is time to revisit this cadence.

Choosing a sprint length at the start of each sprint is a waste of energy. Experiment with a couple of lengths, make a decision, and stick with it until there is a significant reason to change. — Mike Cohn

Sprint duration gets fixed …

The Most Valuable and Underrated Books for Software Engineers

Mar, 2019

You want to become a better software engineer. You learn new tech stack, you do hackathon, you’ve read Code Complete twice and follow Kent Beck on Twitter. That’s all good. But focusing only on the technical side is a mistake.

It is important to do cross-domain learning as well. Arts, fiction, biology, physics, woodworking, etc. By learning from other domains, you look at similar problems or concepts from a different point of view. This lead to more insight into your own …