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Book Review Micro ISV From Vision to Reality

MON, 01 FEB 2010

In Micro-ISV : From Vision to Reality, Bob Walsh discuss the startup of an independant software business.  This books target software developers who want to start their own independent software business.  Even if it was written in 2006, its still quite an interesting read.  Like in his more recent book The Web Startup Success Guide, Bob have made a lot of interviews.  They offer inside thoughts from people who have started their own software business.  What's funny is that many startups interviewed have evolved since that time, so you can see which have been successful and which haven't.

Even if you have read The Web Startup Success Guide, there are some topics that were only covered in Micro-ISV : From Vision to Reality, so buying and reading both isn't a waste of money or time.  It actually provide a clear picture of what to expect if you decide to move in that direction.

It cover every step of starting a software business :

  1. Having a vision

  2. Developing the Micro-ISV way

  3. Presenting the product

  4. Business is Business

  5. Focusing on the customer

  6. Welcome to your industry

  7. What happens next?

Another interesting point is that the complete list of links is included in the book's appendix.  Unfortunately, it seems that the online version ( is no longer available.  But at least, the list exist so I won't have to create it (like I've done for The Web Startup Success Guide)!

All in all, I think this book is a must read for software developers who are thinking about starting their own business.  You will at least know a little bit more about what you will be facing.