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Book Review How to Win Friends Influence People

MON, 01 FEB 2010

"Don't judge a book by its cover" they say.  I'm glad that I've followed this advice.  Even with all the great reviews this book have, the cover (and title) of How to Wind Friends & Influence People looks like all the other suspicious self-help books you see sitting beside the cashier at the drugstore.  The difference is, this is one of the first bestselling book of this kind, the "one book to rule them all" if you like.

Written in 1937, it's still a good read today.  If you want to be a better software developer, that's the book you should read.  Forget about learning Python, XML, memory management, multi-threading, C++ templates, or any other software stuff.  They are important, but less than what you'll learn in this book : interacting with people.

You may think that since your software development skills are so great, you may act like a fool and not care about the others.  Chances are you'll be wrong.  Communications skills are important to software developer.