Software Development with Linux

A Complete History of Free and Open Source Software

TUE, 01 DEC 2009

When learning about pretty much anything, I like to know the history of that subject.  This help in understanding why things are like they are now.  It also remove a lot of misconception or fallacies.

So, when people start to talk about licenses, free software, open source, etc. and melt all that together, it helps if you get a clear view of that (those) topic(s).

"A Concise Introduction to Free and Open Source Software" by Andrew Updegrove is a great article covering it all, in 35 pages.  Ever wanted to know the difference, not just legalese but also ideological, between the GNU GPL, the Free Software Foundation, Microsoft, etc.?  That's all in there, in a chronological presentation, so you can understand why it happened this way and led to what exist today.  A must read.

What do you think about that?  Anything that is not part of that article which would benefit everyone else?