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Book Review The Web Startup Success Guide and links list

SUN, 01 NOV 2009

The Web Startup Success Guide by Bob Walsh (of 47 hats) is really an interesting book.  And I want to start by saying that even if you don't want to start a business, go read that book.  There's a lot of information in there for every software developer.  Topics like customer support, social media, personal performance improvment tools, Getting Things Done, and many more are invaluable.

For those really looking at starting a business, the chapters about getting funded, marketing your product or service, when and who to hire, should help you in your quest to entrepreneurship.

In his book, Bob offer a lot of information himself.  But the strength of the book came from all the interviews.  For any topic discussed, there are a bunch of interviews with people who brings more to the table.  This really help getting a broader view of the subject.

Also, as those who have already read it have noticed, Bob provide a lot of links to web pages in his book.  I started to take note of them, but I quickly stopped and instead decided to rescan the book after.  Since I'm a generous person, I've included the whole list at the end of this post.

But, really go read that book, it offer a lot more than just links!

"The Web Startup Success Guide" Links List

Blogs, podcast, forums, newsletter, etc.

Reports, articles, etc.

Communities (online and offlines)


Startup helps, incubators, VCs, angels, etc.


Miscellaneous Tools

Search Engine Optimization, web analytics, etc.

Glossary, resources, etc.

Payment processor


Version control


Dashboard, personal home page, etc.

Search Engines

Task management, project management, etc.