Software Development with Linux

Which licence do you use

THU, 01 OCT 2009

I don't know if many of you are developing open source software.  If you do, under which licence is it distributed?  If you don't, what licence would you choose?

Before reading A Bit of Licence, I would have chosen the GNU GPL.  It seems to me to be the easy choice.  I didn't really thought that much about it, but I was pretty confident that the GNU GPL would be the best for open source software of my own.

Now, I'm not that sure about it.  The concerns reported in that article, about some kind of software released under the GNU GPL, made me thought about my choice.

Sure, it basically depends on what rights you want to offer to whom.  But I think that those other consideration, like how much third-party company will be interested in contributing to your environment are worth considering too.

So, I'd like to ear about you, why did you (or would you) choose a particular licence?