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THU, 01 OCT 2009

Nowadays, in the source control discussions, we often hear about distributed revision control tools like git, Mercurial, Darcs, etc.  It seems as if you are still using a centralized source control system, you're doing it wrong.

Well, I was happy to read the Steady on Subversion post at Word Aligned rectify the shoot.  For those under pressure by some software developers to switch to a new distributed revision control, read that post.

I think that distributed revision control systems are great, yet I know that for every task you should use the best tool, which may means Subversion and CVS.  I also know that if the tool you're currently using is good enough, there's no point in switching to something new if the benefits are not huge enough.

Even if I wouldn't use CVS for a new project, I don't see a reason to change if it's already in place and working fine somewhere.  Don't change just for the fun of it.

If you're that much in search of something to work on, I'm sure you may find something more productive for your company.