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TUE, 01 SEP 2009

I've just discovered that Eco-Libris is doing a collaboration with BookMooch (read my post about BookMooch).  That's just fantastic!

"But", you're asking, "what does it means?"

Well, Eco-Libris sell stickers that you can stick on books at 1$ each (shipping included).  For every sticker you buy, a tree will be planted to balance out the paper used for the book.  I like that idea :)

So, they partnered with BookMooch to offer all moochers a special deal :
For every 10 book you balanced out, you'll receive a free BookMooch point.  Isn't that great!  A BookMooch point means one more book (from your country).

This means that for 10$, you get 10 tree planted AND a book.

That's a great deal.