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Free Linux Books

TUE, 01 SEP 2009

Free Linux books... Yes, real physical books (no PDF or eBook). What's the catch? Well, you can get them for free... If you send some books first. (That's the catch!).

The web site is BookMooch, which allow you to exchange and trade books you no longer want for points. With the points you can get books from other people. You only pay the shipping for the books you send.

To help you start, you also get points for simply listing the books you want to give, so you may even get one books before sending anything.

They have plenty of Linux books available, but it's not Linux specific at all. They have more than 200,000 books.

I really love this site. It allow you to give old books a second live, while getting books you wants. There's isn't everything there, and it's probably hard to get recent books, but there's still a lot of books.

And sharing is always fun :)