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CVS clients reviews CurVeS

TUE, 01 SEP 2009

To continue my CVS clients reviews series, I'll talk about CurVeS.
"CurVeS is a visual interface for CVS version control." -- CurVeS
Unfortunately, I didn't found the official web page for CurVeS. But, version 0.8.19 is available from Ubuntu's repository, which is more recent than what is offered the web site, but still have a copyright of 2003, so it may be no longer developed now...

Anyway, here's what you need to know about CurVeS :

  • It's a console tool.

  • No checkout or import, that need to be done manually.

  • No file editor embedded.

  • No way to directly "pop up" a file editor.

So, the only usage of CurVeS is to serve as a better visualization tools of a checked out CVS repository. For those who don't like how the cvs command line utility display the files statuses, you should give CurVeS a try, maybe you'll prefer it.