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Book Review JavaScript The Definitive Guide

TUE, 01 SEP 2009

The only thing many people know about JavaScript is that it's used by (most) web pages, nothing more.  Well, I was like that.

I never had to know more anyway, so that wasn't a problem.  But my new project required more knowledge about what's JavaScript and how it work.  So, I got myself a copy of O'Reilly's "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan.

It's a large book, containing 1018 pages.  But don't be scared; half of the book is a complete references to Core JavaScript, to Client-Side JavaScript, and to W3C DOM.

If you're new to JavaScript, this book will definitely help you.  Everything is described in details.  Even if you're new to programming you shouldn't have a problem understanding it.

It explains where JavaScript is coming from, what it is (and what it's not), how it is integrated inside the most popular browsers, and how to do stuff.  The specificities of the different implementations are also covered, so you can deal with browsers incompatibilities.

The descriptions are clear, easy to read, and often accompanied with examples.  For more experienced JavaScript developers, the references included guarantee that this book is kept close on your desk.

I highly recommend this book for everybody interested in JavaScript, not just web developers.