Software Development with Linux

Gustavo Duarte s Internals series

SAT, 01 AUG 2009

Sorry for the delay since my last post, I was on vacations. But now I'm back, and I'm full of energy and ready blog again!

So, this post is about Gustavo Duarte's excellent series titled Internals. Even if the series was written in 2008 and 2009, I only discovered it last month.

It describes the most important computer internals elements for software developers :

  • Memory (virtual, pages, cache, etc.)

  • CPU (cache, rings, etc.)

  • Boot process

It goes in full details about how the hardware works, and goes up to how it's handled by the Linux kernel.

I've read it once, but I'm keeping it in my bookmarks, since I'm sure I won't remember everything in there.

I especially recommend this for anybody doing embedded software development who want to quickly learn how all this is handled by the Linux kernel.