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UML modeling tools reviews Kivio

SUN, 01 FEB 2009

I've tried Kivio version 1.6.3 (available in Kubuntu 8.10).

"Kivio is an easy to use diagramming and flowcharting application with tight integration to the other KOffice applications. It enables you to create network diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts and more." -- Kivio's website.

The class and activity diagrams are the only UML diagrams available. And even those diagram aren't complete. Since Kivio isn't a UML modeling tool, the concepts underlying UML aren't there. As seen in the following screenshot, I add to manually draw the horizontal line that separate the attributes from the methods.

The stencil for the activity diagram stencil isn't that complete neither.

And again, there's no real UML integration available.

It's clear, as the developers themselves mention, that Kivio isn't designed to be a UML modeling tool. Anybody that mention it to people looking for those products never tried it before.

Still, Kivio can be really useful for many other type of diagrams. Or if you don't care about respecting UML. But professionals that want a professional UML tool will need to look somewhere else.