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WED, 01 JUL 2009

For the 4th installment in my Linux CVS clients reviews, I'll talk about jCVS.
"jCVS is a CVS client package written entirely in Java." -- jCVS's website

I've used jCVS II version 5.4.2, under Kubuntu 9.04 and JRE 1.6.0.

This review will be brief. Since jCVS doesn't support local repository, and I didn't want to setup a CVS server just for that, I've used php's anonymous read-only CVS access.

jCVS doesn't provide a list of modules available from the server you configure.

Then, I tried to display the history of the ChangeLog, and the application just froze.

At that point, I removed jCVS from my hard drive. The first three things I tried either didn't work or work poorly. This is the end if it.

So for now, CrossVC is still the best CVS client for Linux I've tried.