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CVS clients reviews Pharmacy

WED, 01 JUL 2009

It's been two weeks now since my last CVS client reviews. So I think it's time to add another review to the series. This time, I'll try Pharmacy.
"Pharmacy intends to be a GNOME compliant front-end to CVS for free operating systems, such as Linux and FreeBSD. Currently, it provides a limited user interface to CVS commands and a 'console' for the lazy power-user." -- Pharmacy's web site
The first thing I want to say, so you can guess what to expect, is that Pharmacy's latest release (0.3) date from April 2001.

Having said that, here's what happened when I tried to use it.

First, you'll (probably) need to build it from source, since it's probably not available in your Linux distribution.

When I tried to checkout a module, there were no helper, so you have to know exactly how to write the server string. Also, the output directory need to be already created, otherwise nothing happens, not even an error message!.

Then, finally, it just froze. The GUI isn't refreshed, anything is created in the output directory, and you can wait like this forever...

I think that I should have just look at the date it was released, and not even give it a try... Well, at least, I haven't lost that many time with it.

Anyway, stay away from that tool, unless you want to be it's new maintainer!