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Book Review Analysis Patterns

WED, 01 JUL 2009

There are many books about patterns. Martin Fowler's "Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models" is one of those books.

Written in 1996, this books is about models resulting of object-oriented analysis and design, which are presented in the form of patterns. The patterns selected are from the author's own experience, so it covers a wide range of domains: Accountability, Corporate Finance, Health Care, Trading, etc.

I'm left perplexed from the reading of this book. The patterns and models presented seems well thought. But, I'm not sure why, I got lost. I haven't learn that much from the book. I don't think I could even use it as a reference.

According to the reviews available at Amazon, maybe this book wasn't for me, since a lot of people seems that have appreciated it. But still, I think that it's hard to following the author's thinking, between the situation he describe and the resulting model / pattern.

Maybe people working in those domains won't have this trouble, and learn more from the book. Maybe I should give it a second try at a later time. Because right now, I have trouble recommending this book.

If you're interested in patterns, I would go with the classic "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Objet-Oriented Software". If it's really about analysis patterns you're interested, I think it would be a better move to try any other analysis patterns books instead of this one.