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CVS clients reviews gcvs

MON, 01 JUN 2009

With this post I'm continuing my CVS Clients review series. This time, I've tried gcvs version 1.0 (available in Kubuntu). Even if the name is different, gcvs is the Linux version of CvsGuit, which also offer WinCvs and MacCvsX.
"CvsGui is a set of GUI front-end written in C++ and distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL)." -- CvsGui's website
Since version 1.0 is the latest stable release of gcvs, and it was released in 2003, this CVS client doesn't look alive. This is something you would realize anyway by using the tool.

First, the create repository menu item do nothing. You click and nothing happens. Another strange behavior is that there's no contextual menu available when using the right mouse click. This is something we're now used to in every applications, so I miss this feature.

Otherwise, checking out a repository work well, except that you can't get the list of available module from the CVS server, so you have to know exactly what you want.

Then, there were a lot of button that, maybe they worked, but still displayed error messages. So, you're not sure if it worked correctly or not. I had these problems with edit, branch, etc.

As for Cervisia, I had to open the files manually inside Kate to be able to edit them.

A lot is missing in this tools to be more useful than the plain command line cvs. It sure is nice to have a graphical output of the history, and graphical diffs, but you can get this from many integrated web server tools.

This isn't a tool I recommend.