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CVS clients reviews CrossVC

MON, 01 JUN 2009

In this next installment of my CVS clients review, I'll talk about CrossVC. I've used CrossVC version 1.5.2, which is available in Kubuntu 9.04. And as usual, I've used libxml2 as my test project.
"CrossVC is a graphical version-control program." -- CrossVC's website

This one will be brief, since, in fact, I only had one (1) single issue with the tools : when you commit, the committed files aren't displayed to you. It's really useful when you can see what will be committed, so you can cancel if there's unwanted stuff in there.

But otherwise, everything went fine. Create a local repository was easy as can be. Importing (ie. pushing the first version of your program to CVS) it was also an easy task. Then, for checking it out, it offered a list of available modules (in my case, only libxml2) to select.

You get automatic status update (with colors!) everywhere : in the file list, in the directory list (ie. workbench). Even the "Non-controlled files" tab turn red when there's something in there. This greatly improve productivity as you always know what's happening.

There's in integrated graphical diff tool, but you can still use the console diff if you prefer.

So, all in all, this CVS client does everything you could expect, and does it in a simple way.

I would definitely use it instead of the command line cvs.