Software Development with Linux

A guide to the kernel development process

MON, 01 JUN 2009

For newcomers, either software developers or managers, that are interested to join the fun world of Linux kernel development, the Linux Foundation published a real nice white paper written by Jonathan Corbet : "How to Participate in the Linux Community".

It's not a technical document. You won't learn how Linux manages memory, IO, or anything like that. It focus on how the Linux community works, what is its process.

You'll learn about :

  • The importance of getting code into the mainline

  • Licensing

  • How the development process works

  • Planning

  • Getting the code right

  • Patches

  • Tools

  • Mailing lists

  • Documentation

  • Working with reviewers

This is the first step for any body interested into Linux kernel development, from amateurs to professionals.