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Use Cases Agility

FRI, 01 MAY 2009

I'm currently reading Use Case Modeling by Kurt Bittner and Ian Spence. Once I've finished it, I'll post of review. But, for now, what most marked me about this book, is that every now and then, I see reference to the philosophy proposed by the proponent of the diverse Agile methodologies.

I always had associated use cases with the more traditional Rational Unified Process. But, in the first pages of the book, five (5) Rules of Thumb are presented about the evolution of any use-case model :

  1. Focus on Effective Communication

  2. Pursue Simplicity

  3. Remember Your Stakeholders

  4. Good Enough Is as Good as It Gets

  5. Write Things down

Doesn't this remind you something? Except for the point five, the four other rules have all been included in the Agile Manifesto.

So, why people consider Use Cases to be "non-agile"?

This post by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz titled Use Cases vs. User Stories at Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk hint at the usefulness of Use Cases. Same thing for Amr Elssamadisy's Use Cases or User Stories.

And personally, I think that writing things down is important, for many reasons. And it is particularly important when going "the agile way".

Maybe Use Cases were already agile, before this term was popularized?