Software Development with Linux

Tiny web server

FRI, 01 MAY 2009

Recently, I had to do some web browser testing with very specific responses and web content. So, I could have installed Apache's HTTPD and configured it to have the desired redirection, etc., but this would have taken a relatively long time.

Instead, I've used HTTPi.
"HTTPi is a miniaturized, extensible, and HTTP/0.9, /1.0 and /1.1-compliant web server written in pure Perl." -- HTTPi's website
HTTPi provide many advantages for this king of work. There's no installation. You just drop it somewhere, and start using it. Also, the server code is so small, that it's really easy to modify is behavior to test particular case, like error responses, redirection, etc. And since this is interpreted, you don't have to re-compile between each changes.

But don't misread this. HTTPi is a fully featured web server, not just some hacked code that happens to output HTML. So you can expect it to offer the same functionalities as any other web server.