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UML modeling tools reviews

SUN, 01 FEB 2009

"Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized general-purpose modeling language in the field of software engineering." -- wikipedia

Everywhere I've worked, I had to use UML to describe the software components I designed. Even if UML was often not required, it provided an easy way that everybody understood to show what I was doing.

I've used different UML modeling tools along the line, some of them open source, some not, and some in VMWare as they were only available for Windows...!

Since I've not find recent reviews of the different free and open source options available, I decided to try them all and see which one I prefer. I'll review them individually by doing all the diagrams shown in the Wikipedia's UML entry (see section "Diagrams overview"). This will not check every UML features, but I think this would be enough to see what they have to offer.

Anyway, here's the list of tools I'll try, in no particular order (with links to the actual review) :

I've extended this to free but closed source tools. Don't forget to follow those UML modeling tools review too. I've added reviews for :

And also UML modeling tools which are not free and not open source :