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CVS clients reviews

FRI, 01 MAY 2009

In every software development shop, using a Version Control System (VCS) is mandatory. You can't simply go without it. There are plenty solutions available for you to choose from.

One of the possible solution is to use CVS, the Concurrent Versions System. Like I said, this is only one of the possibilities out there.

For those interested, here are some books about CVS :

Among those books, I've only read "Open Source Development with CVS". So, I can't comment on the other, but this one I found pretty interesting. It described well how to manage CVS correctly, and a lot of stuff in there can be useful for any other Version Control solution.

But, what would be the best CVS client for Linux? I've already used CVS at works, and I've already used different Linux CVS clients. But, what would be the best Linux CVS client available right now?

This will be the topic of my next tools review series : Linux CVS clients.

I'll review the following Linux CVS clients, in no particular order :

So, I'll start with that. If I found some more along the way, I'll add them to this list. And again, I'll keep this post updated with links to the actual reviews once they are done.