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Assume it s your fault

FRI, 01 MAY 2009

I just came across this "old" post at Coding Horror titled : "The First Rule Of Programming: It's Always Your Fault". This is probably something every software developers experience, and probably more then one time! You have a bug in the software you're developing. You've reviewed your code, used a debugger, etc., but you can't find what's wrong. So, you start to think that the problem may be in the third party library or framework you're using...

Since it's open source (you use open source stuff right?), you go into this third party code and read it, debug it, etc. After some time, you can't see what's wrong with the third party code. So, back to square one, you look at your code again, just to be sure...

And that is when you find the problem. It really was in your code. The third party stuff was behaving correctly. You take the blame, fix the problem, and continue your journey.

This actually just arrived to me this week. I had a real nasty bug, and was unable to found what where it was.

What would have happened if the third party code have been closed source? Well, I would have started a back & forth process of question & answers with the Company owning it. This would have taken me a lot more time.

Sometimes, the problem was really in the third party's code, but these are just exceptions. Most of the time, the problem was in my code.

So, even if you would like it to be the opposite, always assume it's your fault.