Software Development with Linux

An Agile Unified Process

FRI, 01 MAY 2009

We often see the Unified Processes as being at the opposite of the Agile methodologies. Personally, I think that both can, and must, live together. I think that the best software development process is the use the best of both side of the battle, and to adapt it to the project at hands.

The Open Unified Process (OpenUP) proves that I'm not along thinking like that. Being part of the Eclipse Process Framework Project (EPF), OpenUP is :
"... a lean Unified Process that applies iterative and incremental approches within a structured lifecycle. OpenUP embraces a pragmatic, agile philosophy that focuses on the collaborative nature of software development. It's a tools-agnostic, low-ceremony process that can be extended to address a broad variety of projects types." -- OpenUP's website

This is the kind of approach that we should look at. If you've got to change your software development process, I would recommend to go this way, instead of following the current trend and looking at "pure" agile methods, like Extreme Programming.

Scott W. Ambler once said :
"... the agile rhetoric often seems to ignore or gloss over many important issues which our customers face on a daily basis."
Those issues he is talking about, are handled by using a more mature, disciplined software development process.