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IM clients for Linux

WED, 01 APR 2009

In today's work environments, instant messaging (IM) is often present. As soon as you get to work with people from a different location, IM became the best communication tool. Even in companies that have a single office and no remote workers, IM is often used to communicate quickly with people around you (instead of walking to them or calling them).

For people professional software developers using Linux, you have multiple choices of IM clients. TuxArena recently showcased four IM clients for Ubuntu. The best client for you will often depends on which IM network you have to use.

As for myself, I need to be on Yahoo! for professional reason, since this is where my coworkers are. For this reason, I need a Linux client support the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol (YMSG). I had already tried Kopete, but Pidgin was my final choice. I won't review it myself, since they are plenty of good Pidgin review available. Ars Technica also has one valuable Pidgin review, even if not quite recent.

Anyway, whatever messaging protocol you want to use, there's more than one Linux IM client for it, so you'll have plenty of choices. You can always check Wikipedia's comparison of instant messaging clients, or if you're the one that have to decide which IM protocol will be used your company, this comparison of instant messaging protocols will definitely help you start.