Software Development with Linux

Book Review The Apache Modules Book

WED, 01 APR 2009

I've just finished reading "The Apache Modules Book" by Nick Kew, of Apache Tutor fame.

I would say that this book give a great overview of what you can do with Apache modules. Being the only "recent" book about Apache modules development, there's isn't much competition.

Unfortunately, it didn't get as deep as I would have like. Maybe it wasn't possible considering the size of the book: ~550 pages, but a third of it is for the Apache license and the HTTP/1.1 RFC.

But it's not a bad book. I found a lot of interesting information (database framework, content handlers, the Apache Portable Runtime, etc.) and some nice recommended practices. And this book definitely provided more information (or at least, better presented) that what can easily be found on the web.

And the Hypertext Transfer Protocol: HTTP/1.1 RFC included will be handy, since the keywords are in the index, allowing for quick search.

So, if you're developing your own Apache modules, this book can be a great reference. It can also give you idea about other wait of doing things. And since it's the only book covering this topic, I can easily says that it's the definitive guide for anybody looking in Apache module development!