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Are software development books still relevent

WED, 01 APR 2009

In this old post, Douglas Reilly ask : Are software development books obsolete?

Well, this post date back to 2006. I think we can see that software development books are fare from being obsolete. In fact, it seems to be the opposite. As soon as a new software technology hits the street, you get many books covering the topic quite fast.

Even in the digital age in which we are, if you want to learn, master or only for a quick reference, having a physical book about the subject is still often preferred.

But finding the best or more appropriate book for some subject may be a bit tough. If you're looking at Apache Module Development, it's easy, you only have two books about that topic (the other book being Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C). But some topics gives a lot more choices.

So, here's some lists about great books for software developers.

I'll start with the easy lists, those populated by the book stores :

But more interesting are list populated by real people. The list isn't in any particular order. All of them (except for the Goodreads list) are from a single person, so you can read more about that person to see if the books he/she recommend would interest you. But anyway, if you cross match all those list, you should get some books that are particularly interesting.

Happy reading :)