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Kanban and Scrum: making the most of both

THU, 15 NOV 2012

I recently read Kanban and Scrum: making the most of both. That was actually the first time I read something detailed about Kanban. What I particularly loved from it is that it does not try to make you believe in a silver bullet. I know that all (at least, most) knowledgeable people understand that silver bullets are only mythical and unreal, but that fact is sometime hidden when personal interests are at stakes. One could have expected that a book about Kanban and Scrum would preach that Kanban and Scrum are the solution to every problem. Fortunately, that is not the case.

The book is split in two sections. The first part describe both Scrum and Kanban individually before comparing them so you have a clear picture of the similarities and differences. The second part is a case study, which is probably the best way to show how you can use the two together. Again, there is always an explanation as to why something was chosen, and why you should decide for yourself what you need.

At 122 pages, with plenty of pictures and diagram, this can be read in only a couple of hours. You won't be an expert in Scrum or Kanban after that, but you will know enough to start experimenting on your own. Nothing beats learning by doing. Nothing.