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DataBallet is alive

FRI, 22 JUN 2012

Yes, that is right, DataBallet is alive! That web site is not yet running the latest version (available from GitHub), but it will shortly... At least, as soon as I have tested the new features (authentication, news feed, etc.) a bit more. Oh, by the way, DataBallet is the new na me for my web server + framework + database project I discussed previously.

I am happy with the current status. That said, I feel that it would be good if I had feedback from people using different browsers. So if you visit DataBallet's web site and you see any issue, please, be kind enough to either e-mail me or create an issue in the project's GitHub page. Otherwise, any kind of comment will also be appre ciated...!

Now, the next step is to move this blog and web site from Apache to DataBallet. Once that will be done, I will be able to say that DataBallet is serving 'many' web sites! ;-)