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Web : server, framework, database

MON, 28 MAY 2012

I have been thinking about this for many years now, probably because I have an interest for web server and related technologies. Everywhere I look, I see many different web server, many variant of web application framework, and the number of database technologies is getting bigger every months. That said, I never found a single product that encompassed all those three features in a single package. So I decided to build my own.

The project, currently named HTTPM (available on GitHub), is still young and missing many important things. But, it is moving along at a steady pace and can already serve static or templated content, support client and server-side caching, and a couple of other features. Now, there is still no live website using it, but that will come as soon as I pick a better name for the project!

I do not know exactly how far this will go, but I am really motivated with this, so I want to take it as far as possible. See, I do not really care if nobody but me never use it. I would be delighted if it gets popular, but that is not my goal. All I want is to have an integrated web server, framework, database thing that I will love to use (I have been disapointed with many web framework) and that will perform well. If you build something for yourself, something that you love, the rest are just side-effects.