Software Development with Linux

Try something different

TUE, 24 APR 2012

A lot of new products or tools are made available to all software developers every months. Notice that I did not say new technologies, but I will come back to that later. It is possible to stay in touch with the latests tools to know what uses can be made of them. In fact, there are many that are doing so. In our industry, it is good to keep learning continuously.

But what happens when you do not know the past? You think that everything happening today is a brand new thing. You do not realize that the same technologies already existed, in different packaging but still, they existed. So you get people thinking that "NoSQL" is new, that cloud computing is new, that agile software development is new, or that mobile software development is new.

Do you want to be able to tell the difference between the old and the new? Do you want to be able to know which part is new and what already existed before? If so, try something different next time you want to learn something new. Instead of picking a new product, a new tool, or a new programming language, look at something older instead. Do a little bit of research on the topic that currently interest you, try to find what products, tools, or programming language first introduced that concept, and learn that instead.