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Backup your contributions

SUN, 11 MAR 2012

We all have been told (and/or learned it the hard way) that backups are important. But, did you ever thought that you should backup project that you contribute to? Probably not. Well, maybe you did, but not me.

So there was that open source project backed by a new startup. The source code was available from the company's website and even licensed under GPL (do not remember which version). That was about 2 years or so ago. At that time, I did some work on that project as I thought it was interesting and a good learning opportunity. Don't ask me why, but I didn't kept a copy of that project on my computer.

Time goes by and I forget about that project. Last week, I went searching for it, but all I could find on Google was some old press releases. The company's website is gone, removing the source code from the public. This means I can't show that to anyone but more importantly, I can no longer thinker with it!

But now, I have learned my lesson. I will keep a local copy of all open source project I contribute too, and I even think that the availability of GitHub and the likes, there is no reason why I don't keep a copy there as well.