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Free as in Freedom

TUE, 01 NOV 2011

I have just finished the reading of Free as in Freedom (2.0): Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution. I must admit that prior to that, my knowledge of Richard Stallman was limited to what everyone can hear about him whenever the topics of free software, licensing, etc. are discussed. Now I'm glad that I took the time to read this book, as I now have a really better idea of the man, his ideals, and where all that come from.

You may agree or not with the man, his views on free software, his crusade for the GNU/Linux usage, but you must gives it to him, that he is a man of convictions. That said, I'm sure that if you would go read that book, it would change your opinions, whatever they are.

Now excuse me, but I have to go read Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, 2nd Edition.