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MON, 01 AUG 2011

I thought this site could be really interesting to share with (your) co-workers that are new to Linux and want to learn more : Hands On Linux.

That site offers 28 projects to get your hands dirty with Linux.  The fun part is that each of them is a real project and can useful.  In addition, it covers a large area of subjects, tools, and technologies.  Also, for most projects, there are different options you can try, and some tips on how to dig more into the topic being discussed.

Want to build a Linux kiosk?  Want to setup your own wiki? Want to learn more about data destruction and recovery?  I'm sure everyone can find something interesting in there.

Now, pass that information to the Linux newbies in your entourage!

Do you know similar web sites that offer fun learning projects for Linux?  Please share!