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Fear not NoSQL

MON, 01 AUG 2011

Are you afraid of NoSQL databases?  Are you lost among all the various concepts and tools that are grouped together under that label?  Do not worry, you are not alone.  It is easy to get lost when there are so many different things tagged with NoSQL.  When a label represent so many things to so many people, misconceptions are inevitable.

But I want to help you (and me) better understand all those different things and hopefully prevent some of the misconceptions, so I have create this ordered reading list.  You can skip the first section if you think you already all that, but if you want to be sure your understanding is correct, you should not.

Step 1 : Gentle introduction.  Read the NoSQL article on Wikipedia.

Step 2 : Learn the differences.  Read the web site of some projects from each category. My suggestions are :

Step 3 : Master the concepts.  Read the papers from A NOSQL Summer.  Read the articles archived at NOSQL Databases.

Once you (and me!) have read all that, the differences between everything NoSQL should no longer be a mystery.  But more importantly, you will not fall for all the misconceptions that exist from the people that try to lump all NoSQL things together...