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Kicking my own butt

FRI, 01 JUL 2011

That is what happens when you stop writing (for a reason or another) for too long...  it is hard to re-start.  That is probably similar to the white page syndrome.

Now, the solution to that is simple enough; just kick yourself in the butt and write (or in my case, post) something.  You need to get the wheel spinning again.  That is what I am doing now.

Actually, I have already started a bunch of posts, but it seems that I was unable to finish them.  It has been a while since the last post, so the next one must be excellent, don't you think?  Well, that stopped me from publishing anything.

I'm getting that post out, which is far from excellent, but will break the anxiety and allow me to return to publishing normally.  I hope that you don't mind that "empty content" post, but trust me, things will get better ;-)

Now, time to move on to something more interesting, stay tuned!