Software Development with Linux

Publishing packages on LaunchPad from Gentoo Sabayon Linux

WED, 01 JUN 2011

Last week I mentioned how to re-build DEB sources using Gentoo / Sabayon.  Now, I'm following up with how to publish those packages on Launchpad in your own Personal Package Archive (PPA).  I will not go into the details on how to sign up on Launchpad or how to setup your PPA.  Those things are pretty much already covered there.

First, you need to install dput (which is not available in Gentoo or Sabayon Linux) :

  1. Download dput

    • wget

  2. Install dput

    • tar -zxf dput_0.9.6.2.tar.gz

    • cd dput-

    • sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/dput/helper

    • sudo cp /usr/share/dput/helper/

    • sudo cp /usr/share/dput/

    • sudo cp dput /usr/local/bin/

    • cp ~/

  3. Configure dput for your Launchpad account. You need to modify the [ppa] section in ~/ so it looks like this :
    fqdn =
    method = ftp
    #incoming = ~<user_account>/<ppa_name>
    incoming = ~laurent-parenteau/full-circle-notifier
    login = anonymous
    Change the 'incoming' line with your information.

Now, use dput to push your source package into your PPA :
dput ppa full-circle-notifier_1.0.2-2~natty1_source.changes
And that's it.  No more need to use a DEB-based Linux distribution to do that task!