Software Development with Linux

Point the blame

TUE, 01 FEB 2011

What do you do when a software bug gets you in hot water?  Point the blame on someone else?  That is not a good idea.  Instead, handle it like a professional, find the issue, and fix it.

While it is important to know why the issue did happen, it is more important to fix it.  Once you have the solution for it, you can find the reason why it failed, and take note so it does not happens again.

You were (unintentionally) misleaded by someone else?  You should have cross-checked the facts instead of taking them as truth.

Your code failed because of some 3rd party stuff?  You  should have better tested the 3rd party stuff.  TDD is there for a reason, you know.

Whatever the issue, you have a part of the blame, so stop wasting time and energy on exonerating you, but shows that your a professional and fix it.  Everyone knows that everyone can make a mistake.  You will be judged on how you handle it, not on whether it is your fault or not.