Software Development with Linux

Automatically create portable Linux applications

TUE, 01 FEB 2011

Today I share with you an interesting tool I discovered recently : CDEpack.  From its web page, CDEpack is "a tool that automatically packages up your Linux programs so that they can run on other computers with no installation or configuration, thereby eliminating dependency hell."

This tool will works as long as the program is run on the same architecture and the same major kernel version.  All other dependency (programs, library, configuration file, data file, etc.) will be packaged and included in a cde_package directory, which you can share as a standalone application.

The CDEpack web site offer plenty of tutorials and examples (even a video), so I will not put more in here.  Go read on that site, it is well done.

While CDEpack is no replacement for proper packaging when you need to distribute your application, it can be a great alternative to shipping a complete virtual machine containing your application for demo, testing, etc.  It will be smaller (doesn't include what your application doesn't need) and will run faster.

One thing to remember is to always verify what has been included in the package.  You do not want private or security information (password files) included in there.

CDEpack is an interesting project, which offer many possibilities.  Keep this in mind when looking for a solution.