Software Development with Linux

A change of terminal

MON, 01 NOV 2010

Even with everything GUI, having terminal access in Linux is mandatory.  While there are many graphical terminal emulator available (there's a least one existing for every major graphical toolkit), they all offer more or less the same features, and are evolving at approximately the same pace (which is slowly).  Reading TuxArena's "6 Best Linux Terminal Applications" where, except for Quake like terminals (Guake, Yakuake, and Tilda), you only get common Linux terminal emulators

But what are the really groundbreaking terminal emulators available for Linux?  There most be people out there working on improved terminal, that would increase our productivity, simplify how we work, and help us get things done.

Well, yes there are.  I did a search and found some interesting terminal applications that offer a lot more than the most common ones.

Cuiterm is a pilot application made to demonstrate the power of the composite user interfaces (CUI).  CUI are hybrid interfaces, mixing the best of graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line user interface (CLI).  Take a look at those screenshots.  Using Cuiterm, you'd be able to do an 'ls' and than click on a file name listed to act on it (like renaming it, deleting it, etc.) in a way similar to what you do in a graphical file explorer.  I can easily imagine how such a combination could be powerful.

Terminator is a cross-platform (Java 6 or later) terminal emulator with advanced feature.  While Cuiterm is more a proof of concept, Terminator is a production ready software.  Yet, it offers some great features such as a find function that search in what has been printed (and will be printed) to your terminal, drag and drop support, horizontal scrolling, and number reinterpretation (pop-up menu shows the selected number in various bases).

Termit, while not offering much in term of new features, is developed in Lua and is extensible using this language too.  So if you can come up with a great feature to add, it should be easy enough to add it.

Do you know of any other innovating Linux terminal emulator?