Software Development with Linux

First impressions of Sabayon Linux

FRI, 01 OCT 2010

I decided to re-install my desktop PC with a new Linux distribution. I've finally settled for Sabayon Linux.

Sabayon is a Gentoo-compatible Linux distribution.  This means that you can do everything as in Gentoo, but Sabayon provides pre-compiled binaries so you don't have to waste time building everything (if you don't want to).  Sabayon also offer a GUI installation (as most other Linux distributions have) and its own configuration tools.

The main reasons for my choice were more up-to-date applications and better performances.  Also, I like to simply switch distribution from time to time to see what else is going one and not stay stuck with the mindset of any single distribution.

So far, it is working well.  I went with a minimal install, so I had to install a lot of stuff manually after that. But comparing this with when I was using Gentoo (a couple of years ago), it's a lot faster to get everything up.

There's probably still some applications missing (those that I don't use often so I'm not remembering them), but I think I now have the same setup I had previously with Ubuntu 10.04.  It took about 5 hours, including downloading and burning the Sabayon ISO for the whole switch over process.

For now, I'm a happy (new) Sabayon user :)