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Book Review Version Control with Git

FRI, 01 OCT 2010

With its full title being "Version Control with Git : Powerful Techniques for Centralized and Distributed Project Management" and written by Jon Loeliger in 2009, I had high expectation for this book.

Git is a distributed revision control system, designed with speed and and efficiency for small and large projects in mind.

While this book will show you how to get started with Git, including installing it, it goes much further.  It does not simply teach you how to use it; it also explain you its inner working and why it is working this way.  Trust me, this help a lot in understanding the various commands, options, and work flow.

Talking about work flow, you will know how to efficiently use Git and how to collaborated with others using Git, either in a fully distributed way (as used by the Linux kernel project) or a more traditional centralized environment (as used by the Freedesktop project).

While not all the options of Git are covered, you will get more than enough for your daily use.  If you have watch the Introduction to Git webinar and want to dive into it, that is the right book for you.