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Book Review Algorithm Design

FRI, 01 OCT 2010

The complete title is "Algorithm Design : Foundations, Analysis, and Internet Examples", written by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia.

What can I say...  Well, it's a textbook for university courses.  It is not an easy read.  The way things are presented will make them interesting only to a small percentage of the readers.

It covers pretty much all what you can expect from a book on algorithms design, like algorithms analysis, data structures (stack, trees, etc.), fundamental algorithms (sorting, merging, etc.), graphs, text processing, cryptography, network algorithms, NP-completeness, frameworks, etc.  It's not only an overview of those topics; it goes into great details, with proofs and everything, so you have plenty of information in there.

Yet, I can't recommend this book.  As an Amazon review said, you are better off reading from Wikipedia than buying this book.  The way things are explained is just too harsh.  I can understand the use of this book in an academic institution, with the professor adding his own examples and presentation, to help understand the book.  But in this case, you won't have the choice to buy the book anyway.

If you want to learn those topics by yourself, or to have a quick reference kind of book available, look somewhere else.