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Subversion Clients Review eSvn

WED, 01 SEP 2010

This weeks's Subversion Client Review target is eSvn.

eSvn is a cross-platform GUI for the Subversion revision system running on Unix like operating systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris, etc.), Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

The most up-to-date stable version available is 0.6.12, but there's also a 0.7 branch in their SVN repository.  Both version are old; 0.6.12 was released on August 16th, 2007 and the 0.7 branch was last modified 3 years ago too.

But, I was surprised by this tool.  It may be old but it is offering some really interesting features.  Among those, there is the repository browser.  It allow you to browse what is available in the repository (using the repository's URL).  You can select and checkout only the path, branch, or tag that you want.

Another interesting feature is in the log viewer.  You can filter on comments and author.  This can be really helpful if you are searching for a particular change in a big log.

For the rest, eSvn contains all the feature you normally expect from such a tool : file browser, diff tool, colour highlighting of files statuses, external tool configuration, etc.

So, even if eSvn is old, I think it is a pretty good choice for someone looking for a nice GUI client for Subversion.  And if you're looking for a great open source project to takeover, it may be a good choice!