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Book Review Manage It

WED, 01 SEP 2010

In Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management, Johanna Rothman gives you all the possibles techniques and practices that you can use to successfully manage a project.  She isn't dogmatic about any of them, or about any life cycle; she simply gives you the advantages and disadvantages of each one, indicates when they are particularly useful, and how you can adapt them for your needs and environments.

While it is evidently valuable for every project manager, I found that a lot of what is said can also be of great help for a software developer.  The schedule games she describes can be prevented with the help of the team, and if you notice of those games running, you too can help stop it.  All the chapters about estimation, multitasking, and planning would be valuable for software developers too.

At least, if it simply makes you better understand what your project manager's life looks like, what he have to deal with, that can only improve the relationship.

Here's the chapter list :

  1. Starting a project

  2. Planning the project

  3. Using life cycles to design your project

  4. Scheduling the project

  5. Estimating the work

  6. Recognizing and avoiding schedule games

  7. Creating a great project team

  8. Steering the project

  9. Maintaining the project rhythm

  10. Managing meetings

  11. Creating and using a project dashboard

  12. Managing multisite projects

  13. Integrating testing into the project

  14. Managing programs

  15. Completing a project

  16. Managing the project portfolio

All in all, I will recommend this book to all software developers, testers, and project managers.  It will help everyone working on a software development project.