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Subversion Clients Review Cascade

SUN, 01 AUG 2010

I have not forgotten the Subversion Clients Review series.  This time, I'll take a look at Cascade from Conifer Systems.

Cascade in not a simple subversion client.  The main part of it is the Cascade File System (CFS), which is used to interact with a either a Perforce, Subversion, or Alienbrain repository.  On top of that, there's the Cascade Proxy which create an easy and effective way for remotely accessing the repository.  Then, there's the Cascade Manager that does automated builds and tests when changes are committed to the repository.

While this suite of tools is very interesting and seems to offer great functionality rarely found in free tools (Cascade isn't open source, but it's free for personal use), I didn't reach the point of trying it.  The reason is, you need to install it as root, which isn't great for a subversion client.  I'm sure that it would be possible for them to make it so it allow an installation from a non root user.

But if you want to, checkout the manual, and get yourself an idea of Cascade.  It looks really interesting, if you are a business.  For personal use, the requirements and installation procedure are too cumbersome.  Get yourself an open source Subversion client instead.