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SUN, 01 AUG 2010

For the first time : a post from a guest blogger, Simon Hénault.  Have a good reading!

Still today, most people on LinkedIn are there because they received many invitations.  They then decided to join the wave and dropped their resume, then wait.  That's sad, since LinkedIn offer many benefits, for free :

  1. External communication : Forget wrong e-mails, CRM, and mass e-mail software – LinkedIn simplified and integrated it all.

  2. Internal communication : Start a group reserved for your employees.  This way, you benefits from their contacts, share yours, and be informed of any changes.

  3. Business development : Increase your visibility and be found by millions of users.  Find new clients and partners.

  4. Job : Target businesses, be informed of job opportunities, or reach recruiters or anybody else inside the targeted businesses.

  5. Expertise : LinkedIn is a great source of experts.  Thanks to advanced research, find a specialist on anything, any subject, sector, business, or region.

  6. Formation : Get answers to your questions, read comments from members and get contents from your contacts.

  7. Business intelligence : Stay informed of your competitor's job openings and your industry's news.  Ask questions to your contacts, members of your groups, or your concurrent's previous employees.

  8. Recruitment : More than 80 % of recruiters are using LinkedIn. Nothing surprising since this tool gives you the resume of millions of candidates.

I'm inviting you to listen to this LinkedIn online training (in french), the most consulted in the french world :

  1. Why use LinkedIn? (in french)

  2. How to fill your LinkedIn profile? (in french)

  3. How to create your LinkedIn network? (in french)

  4. How to optimize your LinkedIn presence? (in french)

  5. How to search on LinkedIn? (in french)

  6. How to manage your privacy? (in french)

  7. How to find a job on LinkedIn? (in french)

  8. How to find clients on LinkedIn? (in french)

More about the author

Founder of Linked Québec, Simon Hénault is a LinkedIn trainer (training in business development, recruiting solutions, and community development). He coaches professionals and B2B enterprises in the creation and implantation of web business development strategies, specially by creating contents and publishing it on LinkedIn.